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 Icebreaker Ashes of St. Helens


Icebreaker Ashes of St. Helens    Captain Morgan Ashes of St. Helens   Dark Devotion Hip Easy Exel 
Conover's Yes it's Fernet Branca 
El Bandito of Ashes of St. Helens  Gowran Indigo Extra 
Conover's Xellent Xperience
Hilaria umbra fida  Tewbell's a French Challenge  O'Flanagan Much Ado about Nothing
Dark Noble's Bellflower
Whipcord's Lilly  Bombay Saphir of Lorien
Whipcord's Lilly 


O-Wurf  Name   Gesundheit  Prüfungen / Ausstellungen
 HU WU Odin  Odin HD: A1 / A1
ED: frei / frei 
 HU WU Oberon  Oberon HD: A1 / A1
ED: frei / frei
Patella: 0 / 0  
 HU WU Ovid  Ovid HD: A2 / A2
ED: frei / frei
Patella 0 / 0 
HC / PRA / RD: frei (08/2015)
Gonio: frei / frei 
 HU WU Orest Orest HD: A2 / B2
ED: frei / frei
HC / PRA / RD: frei (09/2015)
Gonio: frei / frei
Rettungshunde Eignungstest 
 HU WU Otilie Otilie HD: A1 / A1
ED: frei / frei 
Brauchbarkeit mit Schweiß